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Our Services

Having established proven track record while building our own portfolio, we are ready to share the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated over decades through a few key services that cover both development and operation stages of a real estate project.

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Project Management

We drive a mindset of understanding that real estate development is a complex task requiring both a deep understanding of each of the construction stages and an ability to achieve flawless execution.


Building positive long-term relationships with tenants and guests, as well as maintaining our developments to the highest standard is something that we pride ourselves on at Norfolk Group.
Property Management
Architecture And Design

Architecture & Design

We believe good architecture is a crucial foundation that influences the overall performance of a real estate project and results in buildings that are both aesthetically beautiful and be able to stand the test of time.

Sales & Marketing

Achieving stable ongoing revenue and a strong positive brand image for your real estate project are some of the key success factors during the operations stage.

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Our History

25 years of excellence in real estate investment, development and management